COVID-19 Statement

SkålCon 2024 will be in-person, Sept. 27 – 29, 2024.

COVID-19 Policy

Our COVID-19 policy applies to all who are in our hotel conference rooms at SkålCon 2024. “Attendees” in this policy refers to those who will be in the hotel conference rooms.

  1. Attendees are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated against COVID-19.
  2. Attendees are strongly encouraged to wear masks while at the convention.
    • To encourage masking, attendees wearing an appropriate mask during their session will be awarded a reroll token. By accepting the token, the attendee agrees to wear their mask at the table for the duration of their game.
  3. Attendees are asked not to eat food while in the convention space. Drinks are allowed.
  4. Attendees will not attend if they are ill, i.e. with symptoms indicative of COVID-19 or similar cold-like illnesses.
    • Attendees who cannot attend due to illness may write to to finalize refund options, up to and including a full ticket refund.
  5. Attendees are asked to respect social distancing when not at their tables.
  6. Attendees can wear provided wristbands to represent their comfort level when it comes to physical contact.
    1. Red – do not touch, maintain distance
    2. Yellow – some contact allowed, such as elbow bumps instead of handshakes
    3. Green – hugs and handshakes are allowed, with consent

This policy is subject to change depending on CDC, state, and local government guidelines.

SkålCon will provide the following:

  • More table spacing
  • Available hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes
  • Available disposable masks