SkålCon is a three-day Pathfinder Society convention where proceeds are donated to charity. 10,000 Lakes Gaming, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, organizes SkålCon. This year, we will donate proceeds from this event to Tubman, a local charitable organization.

Past Years

SkålCon has a rich history of giving back to the community. Through the convention, we raise money for our selected charity through raffles, silent auctions, and copious amounts of head-shaving for the greater good. Check out our total donations from years past:

2022: $5000 raised for Tubman and Pawsitivity Service Dogs

2021: $4750 raised for Tubman

2020: $7500 raised for Tubman

2019: $6000 raised for Tubman

2018: $6000 raised for Tubman

2017: $5000 raised for Tubman

2016: $6003 raised for Tubman

2015: $3735 raised for Tubman

The Beginning

In the words of Jon Dehning, former Venture Captain for Pathfinder Society in our region:

One morning while riding the bus to work, I started thinking about how we could host a new convention. I was flush with excitement from our best Con of the North ever and wanted to keep the momentum going. I challenged myself to think outside the box. Other Venture Captains I had the pleasure of meeting told me of the non-traditional places they host game days; like a grocery store, for example. If they can have successful game days in these locales, why can’t we hold a successful convention at the same kind of venue? The Twin Cities has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to game stores. I thought why not hold the convention at multiple stores over the course of a weekend? Then it hit me. “Why not just hold the whole thing at the Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) Center?” FFG had opened a brand new game space, FFGC, in the summer of 2014. We already have a great relationship with management, and the room is large enough for our group.  Within hours of getting to work and emailing the rest of the Venture Officers and volunteers that made Con of the North a success, all agreed this was a great idea and went to work. It is a testament to our local group of volunteers that within three months we had the skeleton of the convention in place and developed almost every area.

Why charity? Why Tubman?

I wanted SkålCon to be more than just another con, as it was our goal to give back to the community in a meaningful way. I wanted us to do something positive that benefited those who need help and have a great time doing so. What better way than to raise funds for a local charity. I just needed to select which one. When I sat down to think about it, the choice was easy.

Each year Tubman helps over 30,000 women, youth, men and families who have experienced relationship violence, sexual assault and exploitation, elder abuse, addiction, and other forms of trauma. As the state’s largest provider of domestic violence services, Tubman provides 20% of all Minnesota shelter beds for women and children experiencing family violence. This is a small sampling of the services they provide to those in need. I am proud we are able to help a truly great organization reach their goals.