To achieve our donation goals, we have items and services available via guest tables, silent auctions, in-game rerolls/nat 20s, and our convention vendors. And don’t forget our supply drive!

Premium Tables

Guests run Premium Tables that have a flat, additional donation. Simply sign-up for a guest table and pay the donation, and you’re set for that person’s table! You’ll see all of this on the registration site. See our current guests here.

Silent Auction

We’ll have an exciting collection of prizes and services available in the silent auction. Quite a few of the listings will be available both online and in-person, with information on our discord.

Have something you think would make a great auction or raffle prize? Fill out this 10,000 Lakes Gaming item donation form and we’ll be in contact with you! You may also email to donate it. Item donations are tax deductible!

Tubman Supply Drive

While not directly monetary, we will be running a supply drive for Tubman again this year. Please bring items as per Tubman’s General Wish List guide, which includes household supplies. Visit Tubman’s donation page for additional details on what their organization is looking for.

Each donation will receive ‘stars’ that will have in-game benefits during SkålCon! See the ‘In-Game Bonus’ section, below. In addition, you can request a donation receipt for tax purposes if you so choose.

Note that this year, Tubman is not accepting perishable food items due to COVID-19. If you bring a perishable food item, we will donate it to a local food shelter.


We’ll have a few vendors setting up shop at the convention. Be sure to stop by and check out their wares, as a portion of their sales will be donated to our charity. SkålCon will also be selling wares at the convention, including branded poker chips (for hero points), dice, and a variety of donated items.

Interested in being a vendor? Let us know at

In-Game Bonuses

For Paizo Organized Play, there are a few ways to get limited in-game bonuses! These bonuses are listed below, and are within the guidelines for organized play charity events.

  1. Rerolls – For $2, purchase a reroll token for yourself or other players at the table.
  2. Automatic Natural 20 – For $5, purchase a Natural 20 for yourself or other players at the table. (No, GMs cannot use a automatic natural 20)
  3. Physical Good Donations – Receive one star for every ~$5 worth of physical items donated via HQ; maximum 5 stars. Use the stars during the games you play for the following benefits:
    1. Pathfinder 2E: For every 1 star, you give out a hero point (similar to a glyph hero point).
    2. Pathfinder 1E/Starfinder: For every 1 star, when you use a reroll, that reroll gets a +1 bonus. Maximum +5, even when adding to GM stars.
  4. Vendor Incentive Program – The Vendor Incentive Program works for all vendors at our event, including SkålCon merchandise purchases and hotel food purchases.