Thurston Hillman

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Thurston Hillman is a full-time author specializing in the RPG and gaming industry. He’s known in the community as a developer for the Starfinder Society Organized Play campaign and ongoing contributions to the Pathfinder Society Organized Play Campaign. His Pathfinder contributions stretch back to Season 1, with highlights including the interactive special event ‘Siege of the Diamond City’, the pregenerated special ‘True Dragons of Absalom’, and most recently, the opening act of the new retirement trilogy “All for Immortality Part 1: First Taste of Eternity”.

He’s also contributed to all other Pathfinder RPG lines, with multiple entries in the hardcover rulebook, Campaign Setting and Player Companion lines. He’s worked with numerous third party publishers, including EN World and Legendary Games.

Thurston’s other interests include a passion for running horror-themed games, reading science fiction, and playing numerous (far too many) tabletop miniatures games. You can follow Thurston at or on Twitter at @oncallgm