A Call for GMs!

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We are now calling for volunteers to help with the SkålCon 2017! But – we are changing things up this year. Rather than selecting individual scenarios at certain times, we are providing a form through which you can volunteer to Run PFS games, SFS games, ACG, or volunteer at the HQ.

The offerings this year will be limited to all new material! We will be running the multi-table special: 9-00: Assault on Absalom on Saturday night. Throughout the rest of the weekend, we will have the first three scenarios of Season 9 for PFS. We will also have the Starfinder scenarios from Gencon! Starfinder quests and ACG will be represented as well.

You can sign up by using this google form.

Please note: To qualify for the GM boon, volunteers must work at least 2 slots.

Thanks You!
The Minnesota Venture Corps