Food Drive!

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Just like last year, we’re putting together a food drive to support Tubman! Please bring non-perishable food items for donation. Desired items are things like canned fruits, vegetables, soup, and dry goods (pasta, rice, etc.). As always with food items, we can only accept unopened items in their original packaging.

Not only will you get those warm-fuzzies for donating, but there is a bonus in the games that you play as well!

For Pathfinder games, for every food item you bring*, you’ll receive a star on your badge, which gets you a bonus:

  • 1-5 food donation stars equals a +1 to +5 on a re-roll once per session.
  • Any food donations stars past 5 will receive a bonus to the Aid Another action.

So 3 food donation stars on Friday night will get you a +3 to on re-roll every session you play all weekend. (This does not stack with GM star bonuses – use the higher one!) And if you brought in 15 food items, the first 5 food donation stars would go towards your re-roll; the remaining would be a +10 bonus to the aid another action.

Lets bring a lot of food, people! We can do it!


*Okay, we say every food item, but the Food Donation Star keepers will likely value ramen packs at a 3:1 ratio for stars. Be cool – this is for charity, after all.