SkålCon 2019 – Location, Registration, & Guest Announcements! (Oh my)

Let’s start off with the most exciting news – SkålCon 2019 is moving locations! This year we’ll be at the Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West!

You may be familiar with this venue. It’s been the home of Con of the North for many years now, and we are excited to grow into this new space. Check out the Location page for info on how to get a hotel room and other helpful information about our new locale.

And even better yet – registration for SkålCon 2019 is now officially open! Yes, we know a few of snuck in an early registration, but now there are events to sign up for! Check out the full schedule there, including the tables run by our guests:

  • Tonya Woldridge, Organized Play Manager – running retired scenario “Blood at Dralkard Manor” as well as Pathfinder Second Edition kickoff scenario “Origin of the Open Road
  • Thurston Hillman, Developer for Starfinder Society – running his very own exclusive scenario “Into the Perplexity: The Second Trial
  • Jaye Sonia, Owner and Publisher of Storm Blood Studios, running his own Bloodlines and Black Magic scenario
  • Clinton Boomer, Author Extraordinaire – joining Jaye Sonia for Bloodlines and Black Magic, as well as another rendition of his retired Pathfinder scenario “Hands of the Muted God
  • Jenny Jarzabski, Author Extraordinaire – running her newest scenario, Starfinder Season 2 kickoff scenario: “Pact World Warriors

And these are just the confirmed special guests and events, with more to come!

Be sure to check out the events on Friday afternoon, where we’ll continue last year’s tradition of having an afternoon panel with our guests, while people come to claim their badges for the weekend. Get those questions ready! Plus – some of our guests will play an interactive paranoia game where the audience can ‘help’ direct the flow of play! We’ll have more details soon.

Lastly, we’d like to thank you all for your support during SkålCon 2018. We raised $6000 for Tubman last year! Tubman greatly appreciates our continued support through monetary and physical donations we provide.

Organizers Erica Loppnow, Jon Dehning, and Keith Apperson dropping off the SkålCon donation check with Tubman’s Community Relations Manager Jocelyn Beard, November 2018

Everyone give yourself a pat on the back (and keep on eye out for more information on our physical goods donation drive for Tubman this year).

We’re looking forward to our new location for this year, and to gaming with all of you! Stay tuned for updates on ~con logistics~ and other SkålCon 2019 news.