Preregistration Ends Today!

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Today is your last chance to do online preregistration for SkalCon! We’ll be shutting down registration this evening to print badges and table tickets – and then lovingly stuffing those tickets for you to pick up at the convention.

On-site registration will open at 11am on Friday, 9/20. Badge pick-up will be located at our HQ in the Regency Ballroom.

And you’ll want to be there by 12:30pm – that’s when our guest-filled Paranoia panel will be running! This will be a spectacle you do not want to miss, for both RPG and Magic: The Gathering players alike!

Following Friend-Computer, our guests will answer your questions during a set of panels, scheduled from 3pm-5pm. You don’t want to miss that, either!

Or attend the first of the Magic: The Gathering drafts that also is starting at 3pm!

So make sure you register ahead of time to (hopefully) speed you along to enjoying all of SkalCon!