SkålCon Online Player Registration Opens Aug 31st & Sept 7th

GM registrations have been open for about a week for SkålCon Online – soon player registrations will open!

On August 31st at noon, anyone who has volunteered to GM will get access to sign up for tables as a player. As a thanks for GMing, you can sign up to play at one table per table you are GMing! This player sign-up access includes our charity tables… so now is a great time to volunteer as a GM if you haven’t already!

On September 7th at noon, player sign-up will open up for all registered attendees, with no limits!

To recap:

  • August 31st @ Noon: GM/HQ Volunteers’ Player Sign-up
    • Limit one player table per table GM’d.
  • September 7th @ Noon: All Registered Users’ Player Sign-up
    • No player table limit. Go wild!

Register today!