SkålCon Online Wrap-Up

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Thank you all for attending SkålCon Online and making it a huge success!

Over the course of the convention, we gathered over $4000 dollars from registration fees and other fundraising activities from our attendees. Added in with the money from 10,000 Lakes Gaming that would normally go to hotel fees and other physical convention expenses, we all have raised $7500 for Tubman!

Thank you again for your support of our convention for this deserving organization. We’ll be mailing them a check in the next few weeks, and we’ll share with you their response here or on our Facebook page.

We’re still accepting feedback on our first online convention, so fill out this survey if you have some constructive feedback for SkålCon Online!

SkålCon 2021 will be September 24th-26th 2021, and will be at Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West if we can safely gather in-person at that time. Pencil us onto your calendars!

In the meantime, we’ll see you online (perhaps on our discord!) Stay safe, everyone!