SkalCon 2020 – It’s Still On (For Now)

Well folks, it’s been a few months, hasn’t it. We here at SkalCon hope you are doing well and are keeping all of our gaming family in our thoughts during these difficult times.

With that being said… onto information for SkalCon 2020!

How will COVID-19 affect our convention?

For now, we still plan on SkalCon 2020 happening at our hotel location. However, we are closely monitoring the latest health information and guidelines for conventions. Our volunteer and attendee’s safety come first!

The physical SkalCon 2020 would be cancelled if there are government mandates banning gatherings of our size, OR if we feel it would be unsafe for our attendees to gather based on the latest guidance from health organizations.

Any cancellation would be announced at least one week prior to the convention’s starting date. But if there is no physical SkalCon 2020, fear not – we will hold an online SkalCon instead!

Either way, we will offer everyone flexible policies to attend online, donate, forward, or refund their registration fees. Please see the full COVID-19 Statement on our website for additional details on cancellation decisions and what we plan on doing to keep our attendees safe.

Upcoming SkalCon 2020 Dates

Our plan is as follows:

  • Convention schedule is settled on in June.
  • Registration and sign-up launch on July 1st.
  • Registration shuts down 1 week before the convention. Sept. 11th 2020.
  • SkalCon commences! Sept. 18th-20th 2020

Keep an eye out for additional communications regarding the schedule and registration in the next few months!

You can see us in action (and volunteer to help?) at our next committee meeting on May 7th.

Registration Price Increase

With this being our second year in a hotel, we’ve made the tough decision to raise the cost of our registration, to $25 pre-reg and $35 at the door.

This is our first price increase during the 5 years of our convention. To continue our high levels of donations to Tubman, we must offset the costs of the hotel. Last year we had to dip into some of 10,000 Lakes Gaming operating budget (mostly provided from corporate matching grants) to pay for the hotel. This operating budget supports other Pathfinder/Starfinder conventions in the area.

Assuming our location remains the same, we do not anticipate any future registration increases for at least the next few years (and hopefully no more increases for many years after!). Thank you for your support!


The SkalCon 2020 Committee