SkalCon 2019 – Survey, Donations, and What’s Next!

Here’s the information you’ve all been waiting for – a survey! What’s that? You don’t like filling out surveys? Nonsense – I have it on good authority that everyone loves surveys. Plus, this helps us bring you an even better convention for next year!

Oh, and our number crunchers have crunched – our total this year is $6000! Amazing work, everyone! Give yourselves a pat on the back! We’ll send out another update when we deliver the check to our friends at Tubman. They always appreciate our event every year, and it gives us great joy to assist their mission.

Speaking of next year – SkalCon 2020 will be September 18th – 20th, at the Crowne Plaza! You can even book your room for next year right now! Our convention rooms are moving down to the Scandinavian ballrooms, where you typically find Pathfinder at Con of the North. Our 2020 operations will really start gearing up, you know, in 2020. So keep an eye out for SkalCon 2020 updates starting in January.

Looking forward to seeing you there!