Ways to Fundraise at SkalCon!

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As you may know, one of SkalCon’s major goals is to raise support for our chosen charitable organization, Tubman! And there are many ways that you, as a SkalCon attendee, can continue supporting this fundraising goal!

Take a look at these options that are not as evident as the premium tables on our registration site.

Supply Drive

While not directly monetary, we will be running a supply drive for Tubman again this year. Please bring items as per Tubman’s General Wish List guide – this year, it is mainly household supplies due to changing needs due to COVID-19. Visit Tubman’s donation page for additional details on what their organization is looking for.

Each donation will receive ‘stars’ that will have in-game benefits during SkålCon! In addition, you can request a donation receipt for tax purposes if you so choose.

If you prefer to give perishable food items, we’ll be donating them to a local food bank – so no matter what items you bring, you’ll be sure they’ll go to people in need.

Silent Auction

We’ll have an exciting collection of prizes and services available in the silent auction. Quite a few of the listings will be available both online and in-person, with information on our discord.

Have something you think would make a great auction or raffle prize? Fill out this 10,000 Lakes Gaming item donation form and we’ll be in contact with you! You may also email contact@skalcon.org to donate it. Item donations are tax deductible!

SkalCon Goblin Grenade & Skittershot

Last year, we introduced a rather chaotic way where people could donate money to charity to mess with the games of our VIP guests in chaotic and hilarious ways.

This year, we’re re-organizing the system as the SkalCon Goblin Grenade and SkalCon Skitter Shot (depending on what system you’re unleashing the chaos into). Simply look over our list of options, donate the appropriate amount, and (gently) lob your instruction-laden goblin or skittermander to our volunteer, who will deliver it to your GM of choice!

All of this will be managed by our HQ. We also will have a nice emote-laden goblin option for our online tables as well. And I’m sure our online HQ can figure out how to get a physical goblin delivered… 🙂


There will be a few shopping options at the convention. We have a couple of our usual vendors present, so be sure to stop by and check our their wares.

SkalCon will also have a variety of goods for sale. This year we have dice (including exclusive ‘plague dice’ for our missed 2020 dice collection), poker chips (for hero points), and a variety of donated items in the ‘$5 bin’.

We appreciate your support for Tubman this year!