SkålCon 2021 – In-Person Logistics!

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SkålCon 2021 is almost here, and this post will help you figure out how to prepare for our in-person convention!

What to Bring

  1. Your proof of COVID-19 vaccination
  2. An ID (so we can verify your COVID-19 vaccination status/find your badge)
  3. Masks!
  4. Donation drive items – you get stars on your badge for in-game benefits! Items include food/toiletries items.
  5. Cash (useful for cash bar, buying things from vendors)
  6. Your gaming gear

Where to go

This is the hotel:

Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West
3131 Campus Drive, Plymouth MN

Our convention will be downstairs; specifically the downstairs closer to the lounge/bar area. If you’re familiar with Con of the North, this is where we’ve had our rooms the last year in person.

The HQ desk near the entrance will check your COVID-19 vaccination status and give you a red/yellow/green wristband. These wristbands will indicate how much contact you’d like to have at our convention. You will also pick up your badge, and drop off any donations for stars with HQ.

Mustering Games

Before each timeslot, line up for the musterer, usually near HQ. They will ask what table you are playing at, and direct you to the numbered table. The musterer will also fold/combine tables as needed, so don’t be surprised if there is some motion within the first 10-15 minutes of game time.

If there are available slots at a guest table, they will also be announced near the end of mustering time.

What to do Outside of Scheduled Games / On Break

  • Participate in the Silent Auction
  • Shop with our vendors
  • Shop the SkålCon gear / $5 shop items at HQ
  • Donate to unleash shenanigans on other tables via the Goblin Grenade / Skitter Shot
  • Ask VO-on-duty to run a bounty for you 🙂

Where & What To Eat

There will be no food allowed in the main convention space. Drinks are allowed, but minimize time spent unmasked. There will be common areas outside the main convention space where you can eat, or you can take food back to your room.

We’ve worked with the hotel to provide a limited menu from their restaurant with to-go items, for faster service. We’ll have a list of items available for purchase from the restaurant. In addition, there will be a cash bar located near our gaming space for drinks only.