SkålCon 2021 – Online Logistics!

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SkålCon 2021 is almost here, and this post will help you figure out how to prepare for our online convention!

What to Bring

If you were attending in-person, you would need to bring proof of your COVID-19 vaccination status! But you, my friend, are attending online, and do not need to bring that!


  1. Make sure you have access to the 10,000 Lakes Gaming discord.
  2. Make sure you can access the Virtual Table Top version for any games you are playing.

Mustering Games

You should be able to drop into the appropriately named discord channel for your game. Our online HQ will be available for any questions, and may also drop into to fold/combine tables as needed.

What to do Outside of Scheduled Games / On Break

  • Participate in the Silent Auction via the discord channel
  • Shop digital $5 shop items in discord
  • Donate to unleash shenanigans on other tables via the Goblin Grenade / Skitter Shot