SkålCon(s) 2022 Meeting Update – Now with Dice!

We’ve just finished our June 6th meeting!

Our minutes are really just a long TODO/discussion list, but we do make some progress in between each meeting. 🙂 Here are some highlights!

  • We’ve been reaching out to guests and authors to attend both SkålCon and SkålCOnline
  • Related: A lot of people we’ve talked to like how SkålCOnline looks for our online convention. We may keep it that way.
  • We’ve scheduled an appointment to meet with a second charity to support – more on this later!

Oh yeah – check out the preview of our dice this year!

Get hyped for these beautiful dice this year!

If you like this kind of behind-the-scenes look, come attend our meeting on June 27th! Just reach out to us on discord or