SkålCon 2022 – Player Sign-up Available! Plus – Fundraising Options!

Head over to the registration site to sign-up for player tables! GM’ing slots are still available as well! Be sure to tell your friends that registration is available! And register soon if you would like to pre-order a t-shirt; the pre-order time ends soon!

Fundraising at the Convention

As this event is a charitable fundraiser, we have multiple ways to fundraise for the event. You can look at the full list on our Fundraising page, but here’s some information about options available that affect Paizo Organized Play games.

  1. Rerolls – For $2, purchase a reroll token for yourself or other players at the table.
  2. Automatic Natural 20 – For $5, purchase a Natural 20 for yourself or other players at the table. (No, GMs cannot use a automatic natural 20)
  3. Physical Good Donations – Receive one star for every ~$5 worth of physical items donated via HQ; maximum 5 stars. Use the stars during the games you play for the following benefits:
    1. Pathfinder 2E: For every 1 star, you give out a hero point (similar to a glyph hero point).
    2. Pathfinder 1E/Starfinder: For every 1 star, when you use a reroll, that reroll gets a +1 bonus. Maximum +5, even when adding to GM stars.
  4. Vendor Incentive Program – The Vendor Incentive Program works for all vendors at our event, including SkålCon merchandise purchases and hotel food purchases.

All of these bonuses follow the guidelines for organized play charity events.

Check out the Fundraising page for more information on the physical goods you can bring to get stars for your badge!