SkålCon 2023 Registration – Moving to Warhorn!

Hello everyone!

We have important news – registration for SkalCon 2023, September 29-October 1, is open now on Warhorn!

That’s right – we are moving from the registration application to Warhorn. This is due to errors in the existing application that we currently do not have the resources to fix. To keep the convention running smoothly, we’re moving over to Warhorn.

What does this mean for you?

If you already registered on the registration application, you will need to re-register on Warhorn using the following steps:

  1. Register on our Warhorn event: . Include your t-shirt selection, if applicable.
  2. Do NOT pay after registering (unless you want to donate more to charity, or if you haven’t already paid).
  3. Email with the following information:
    • Your email address you use to login on the registration application
    • Your warhorn account email address

With that information, our volunteers can mark you as paid on the Warhorn website.

If you haven’t already registered, you can register on Warhorn as you normally would. Volunteers will check your paypal receipt and manually mark your registration as paid.

Can I sign up for tables?

Not quite yet! We are re-assigning our GM volunteers from the previous registration site. Once that is done, we will open GM and player sign-ups on August 18th at noon-ish.

What about VIP tables?

To fundraise for charity, VIP tables have an additional ticket fee. We’ll be collecting that through 10,000 Lakes Gaming’s Square store, with each table seat being a separate item. We anticipate the store will be ready for non-GMs on September 23rd.

If you have further questions, reach out to us on Facebook, via, or in the 10,000 Lakes Gaming Discord: We can assist you getting signed up for the right tables while we troubleshoot the issues.

Thank you for your understanding!

SkalCon Organizers