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SkålCon 2023 – Attendee Logistics!

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SkålCon 2023 is this weekend! Here’s a variety of logistical information to prepare you for the event! Schedule Here is a general overview of our schedule, outside of the Warhorn games. There are two things of note. First, representatives from Tubman and Pawsitivity Service Dogs are attending on Friday and Saturday, respectively. We hope you set aside some time to… Read more »

In Memory of Jack Brown

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Our community is still mourning the loss of Jack Brown, who passed away July 7th of this year. He was a pillar in the Organized Play community, beloved Pathfinder in our local area, one of our SkålCon Organizers and board member for 10,000 Lakes Gaming. He is sorely missed. We recognize many of our attendees would like to honor his… Read more »

SkålCon 2023 Fundraising And Physical Donation Request!

We need your help to make SkålCon 2023 a success! Every year, we have lots of neat items at our Silent Auction and SkålCon $5 Shop. And many of these items are provided by attendees like you! Do you have any new or gently used RPG items that you want to donate? Let us know at contact@skalcon.org – or bring… Read more »

SkålCon 2023 Pre-Registration Ends September 20th!

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We’re only two weeks away from SkålCon 2023 – and that means pre-registration ends on September 20th! Registration prices rise to $30, and we will pause online registration as we get closer to the convention. To pre-register, head to the SkålCon 2023 Warhorn event now! Once we’ve verified your payment, you can sign up for all the Pathfinder and Starfinder… Read more »

SkålCon 2023 – T-Shirt Pre-Order Ending By Sept 6th

We have finalized the design for this year’s t-shirt and need to wrap up our pre-orders before September 6th! Colors are a digital approximation of our usual silver ink on royal blue shirts. New registrations before September 6th can add their t-shirt size as an addon to the registration. Existing registrations that don’t have a t-shirt pre-ordered and wish to… Read more »

SkålCon 2023 – VIP Tables Now Available To All Attendees!

Fundraise and have fun by signing up for VIP Tables during SkålCon 2023! For an additional ticket price, you can play at one (or more) of our VIP tables! While the tables are listed on Warhorn, we are collecting VIP Table fees through our Square store. Below is the process for signing up for VIP Tables: We will have links… Read more »

SkålCon 2023 Registration – Moving to Warhorn!

Hello everyone! We have important news – registration for SkalCon 2023, September 29-October 1, is open now on Warhorn! That’s right – we are moving from the registration application to Warhorn. This is due to errors in the existing application that we currently do not have the resources to fix. To keep the convention running smoothly, we’re moving over to… Read more »

SkålCon 2023 Registration Is Open!

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Good afternoon friends! We’re a little late this year, but registration for SkalCon 2023 is open! We have about 95% of the schedule ready and open for GM Registration and Signup! As a bonus, after you’ve signed up to GM, you can start picking your Player tables as well! Registration is $25, along with the option to pre-purchase a t-shirt… Read more »

SkålCon 2023 – The Hotel Room Block Is Here!

Our organizing group had a great time running Pathfinder & Starfinder at Con of the North (and doing a little fundraising, too, with $368 donated to Tubman and Pawsitivity Service Dogs!) But our sojourn ends, as preparations for SkålCon 2023 begin! If you are interested in our bi-weekly organizing meetings, just reach out to contact@skalcon.org, or via the 10,000 Lakes… Read more »