SkålCon 2023 – VIP Tables Now Available To All Attendees!

Fundraise and have fun by signing up for VIP Tables during SkålCon 2023! For an additional ticket price, you can play at one (or more) of our VIP tables!

While the tables are listed on Warhorn, we are collecting VIP Table fees through our Square store. Below is the process for signing up for VIP Tables:

  1. Go to SkålCon’s Square store and select the tables you would like to play.
    1. Tables are divided by day, and each listing has the slot time on it.
    2. There are 5 seats per table. Tables will show “Out of Stock” if all seats are taken.
  2. Checkout from the Square Store. You may provide your Warhorn email address when checking out to help our volunteers.
  3. Wait! Once you have paid, our volunteers will manually add you to the table in Warhorn.

We will have links to the Square store on the Warhorn main page and on each of the VIP Table descriptions.

If you have any questions, we are available via, Facebook, and on the 10,000 Lakes Gaming discord.

Happy gaming!

SkålCon Organizers