SkalCon 2019 – Logistics!

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Everyone’s favorite part of a convention is the paperwork, right? 🙂

Read through this to get answers to your questions. And take a look at our cheat sheet; we’ll have physical copies of this document at the con as well!

Can I Register Now?

Online registration and event sign up are closed to allow the convention to print physical badges and tickets. You’ll have to register on-site and select game tickets from SkalCon HQ.

What To Bring (besides your gaming gear)

  • Donation Items for Tubman’s item drive or for our raffle
  • Cash for paying for raffle tickets and paranoia game donations! (We take cards too, but cash is always preferred)
  • Cash for hotel concessions (they only take cash)

Where To Go

Head to the Regency Ballroom, right near the hotel front desk. Follow the directions for either pre-reg or registration on-site. HQ will handle both, located just to the right as you enter.

I have this donation item…

Perfect! Just take it to HQ. Tubman donation items get stars for your badge!

Now what do I do?

So many things! Check the schedule after registering. Starting with a pre-game participant auction at 12:15pm on Friday, we have a Paranoia game where the audience gets to influence decisions. This is followed by guest panels and the start of Magic: The Gathering (located in Conf. D). Our first RPGs start at 6pm.

Besides games, check out the raffle and silent auction items (once the panels have concluded) – and all of our vendors, including SkalCon merchandise!


Big SoftD, Lady Dragon Treasures, and Threadmancer return this year to sell their fine, nerdy products. They are located just inside the Regency to the left as you enter.

MagiKids by Weirdcards, our Magic: The Gathering hosts, will also have a vendor booth available in Conf. Room D, including dice, so make sure to swing by their room.

SkalCon HQ will also be selling dice, cards, and raffle tickets.

All vendors donate a portion of their sales to Tubman, and items purchased count towards your retail incentive program bonus!


Raffle tickets are $5. We’ll be pulling during the middle of each ‘slot’ at SkalCon. If your ticket is pulled, it is removed from the pool and you get to claim a prize from the raffle prizes! Winning names are displayed in the Regency. All tickets are added back in for Sunday’s Paizo Charitable Boon raffle draw right after 1:00pm – must be present to win!


We run a silent auction to raise more to donate to Tubman! Fill out your bid on the sheets provided. The auction closes on Sunday at 1:00pm. You do not need to be present to win (though it is preferred). We’ll take payment and distribute the goods Sunday afternoon.

I’m Hungry

Hi hungry, I’m dad! Check out the hotel restaurant – there will be a pasta bar on Friday night! The hotel will also be running cash-only concessions during mealtimes; the Amenities page and our cheat sheet have the exact times.

As a reminder, no outside food or drink (besides water) is allowed inside the Regency or Conf Room D.

We hope this answers your logistical questions for SkalCon! Let’s have a great time together!