SkalCon 2019 – That’s A Wrap!

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The biggest THANK YOU  to everyone who came to SkalCon this year! Attendees, guests, GMs, vendors, and other volunteers – it takes all of us to have a great convention!

We’re still crossing our T’s and dotting our I’s as we settle accounts, but we’re confident we’ll donate at least $5000 to Tubman! It’s very likely to be more, and we’ll update y’all with the total in late October both here and on our social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our Meetup Event.

In addition to the monetary donation, the physical donations you brought in have already been donated! All of the goods were loaded up and taken straight to Tubman on Sunday – thank you for filling up our donation drive!

Stay tuned for an online survey for SkalCon as well! We appreciate all the feedback we got onsite (yes, the room got hot – we have let the hotel know!) and have recorded it. In addition to that, we’re looking for specific feedback for next year’s event – so if you see a survey pop up here or on those aforementioned social media websites, we’d appreciate you taking the time to fill it out!

Thank you once more, and keep an eye out next month for updates!