In Memory of Jack Brown

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Our community is still mourning the loss of Jack Brown, who passed away July 7th of this year. He was a pillar in the Organized Play community, beloved Pathfinder in our local area, one of our SkålCon Organizers and board member for 10,000 Lakes Gaming. He is sorely missed.

We recognize many of our attendees would like to honor his memory. There will be a memorial in the atrium of our convention space for those who wish to leave a note. In addition, we will be holding a ~30 minute remembrance of Jack after mustering the special on Saturday night, shortly after 7pm.

SkålCon organizers have created a few fundraising items in honor of Jack. Proceeds from these items will be donated to Lifesource, the organ donation charity for our region.

For those wishing to support Jack’s family directly, please contribute to this Go Fund Me.