SkålCon 2023 – Attendee Logistics!

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SkålCon 2023 is this weekend! Here’s a variety of logistical information to prepare you for the event!


Here is a general overview of our schedule, outside of the Warhorn games. There are two things of note.

First, representatives from Tubman and Pawsitivity Service Dogs are attending on Friday and Saturday, respectively. We hope you set aside some time to speak with them when they are here!

Secondly, we will be having a 30-minute memorial to Jack Brown at the start of the Saturday evening spot, after tables have been seated. Those interested in saying a few brief words will be invited to do so at this time.

What To Bring

  • Cash (for fundraising, of course!)
  • Your characters! (We recommend bringing all the systems that you play, in case your table folds and you get to play in an unexpected adventure!)
  • Physical donation items for Tubman! Earn stars for your badge!

Snacks are prohibited in the convention space – but please do not bring any nut products as we have an attendee with a severe nut allergy.

Covid Policy Reminder

Our Covid policy strongly encourages vaccination and masking. Those who remain masked while at their game tables will be given a reroll token as a thank you for keeping those around them safe! Read our policy in full here.

What To Do On Arrival

You will get your badge, lanyard, and wristband at the HQ desk, along with any pre-ordered t-shirt. When looking for your table at the start of a slot, look for the person with the clipboard near the entrance/HQ. They will muster you to your table.


We will have four vendors this year at the convention, not including the SkålCon merchandise for sale. Purchases from any of our vendors count towards the VIP Program!

See you in a couple days!

SkålCon Organizers