SkålCon Online Player Registration Opens Aug 31st & Sept 7th

GM registrations have been open for about a week for SkålCon Online – soon player registrations will open! On August 31st at noon, anyone who has volunteered to GM will get access to sign up for tables as a player. As a thanks for GMing, you can sign up to play at one table per table you are GMing! This… Read more »

SkalCon Online Registration Is Officially Open!

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It’s happening – SkalCon Online Registration is open! Just log onto to register for the event, taking place October 9th – 11th 2020! SkalCon Online has a suggested donation of $10.00, but you can choose your donation amount to be what you are comfortable with. As always, proceeds from SkalCon will go directly to Tubman. At this time, only… Read more »

Announcing SkålCon Online – October 9th – 11th!

Thanks to everyone’s resounding responses to our survey, we’re happy to announce SkalCon Online will take place October 9th – 11th 2020! Nearly 50 people expressed interest in an online event to replace the cancelled physical convention! We’ll be setting up the now online schedule of events, with plenty of RPG tables run by our local volunteers and special guests…. Read more »

Physical SkalCon 2020 Is Cancelled

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As you may have seen on Facebook or from our app email, the physical 2020 SkalCon convention is cancelled. We realize this is an event you have been looking forward to (and so were we!). But after a discussion at our last committee meeting we decided to cancel, due to the risks of coronavirus in a gaming convention setting. Sitting… Read more »

SkalCon 2020 – It’s Still On (For Now)

Well folks, it’s been a few months, hasn’t it. We here at SkalCon hope you are doing well and are keeping all of our gaming family in our thoughts during these difficult times. With that being said… onto information for SkalCon 2020! How will COVID-19 affect our convention? For now, we still plan on SkalCon 2020 happening at our hotel… Read more »

SkalCon 2019 – Survey, Donations, and What’s Next!

Here’s the information you’ve all been waiting for – a survey! What’s that? You don’t like filling out surveys? Nonsense – I have it on good authority that everyone loves surveys. Plus, this helps us bring you an even better convention for next year! Oh, and our number crunchers have crunched – our total this year is $6000! Amazing work,… Read more »

SkalCon 2019 – That’s A Wrap!

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The biggest THANK YOU  to everyone who came to SkalCon this year! Attendees, guests, GMs, vendors, and other volunteers – it takes all of us to have a great convention! We’re still crossing our T’s and dotting our I’s as we settle accounts, but we’re confident we’ll donate at least $5000 to Tubman! It’s very likely to be more, and… Read more »

SkalCon 2019 – Logistics!

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Everyone’s favorite part of a convention is the paperwork, right? 🙂 Read through this to get answers to your questions. And take a look at our cheat sheet; we’ll have physical copies of this document at the con as well! Can I Register Now? Online registration and event sign up are closed to allow the convention to print physical badges… Read more »

Guest Cancellation – with Paranoia Opportunities for You!

Unfortunately, Scott D Young has had to cancel his appearance completely due to a funeral. All of us at SkalCon are saddened, but we understand that personal life comes first. He had hoped to come for just the Paranoia: Starfinder Edition game, despite needing to leave right after. Hopefully we’ll get to see each other next year! We considered a… Read more »

Preregistration Ends Today!

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Today is your last chance to do online preregistration for SkalCon! We’ll be shutting down registration this evening to print badges and table tickets – and then lovingly stuffing those tickets for you to pick up at the convention. On-site registration will open at 11am on Friday, 9/20. Badge pick-up will be located at our HQ in the Regency Ballroom…. Read more »